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High Pressure Pumps

High-pressure plunger pumps are positive displacement pumps which, through the action of reciprocating plungers, draw fluid into the pump during the suction phase then push it out under high pressure during the discharge phase. The outlet flow is determined by the bore and stroke of the pistons and in direct relation to the RPM of the pump. The discharge pressure is primarily determined by the restrictions applied to the flow, be it through nozzles or other downstream restrictions. Pump systems should always incorporate pressure regulating or safety relief valves to bypass excess fluid when the fluid outlet is restricted or closed.

Interpump and Pratissoli high-pressure plunger pumps are triplex pumps with three pistons to deliver a smooth, constant flow and pressure. They are widely used in industries such as manufacturing, hydro-blasting, car washing, oil and gas, aquaculture, and mining. Applications range from pressure cleaning, hydrostatic testing, dust suppression, misting, descaling to chemical injection, water jet cutting, and oilfield operations.

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