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Interpump Service Kits

Part No: KIT50
  • T12 regulator valve kit
Part No: KIT51
  • 1x Timax maintenance kit
Part No: KIT54
  • 3x piston bolts with rings/washers
Part No: KIT57
  • 3x 20mm seal retainers & O rings
Part No: KIT58
  • 1x K5 maintenance kit
Part No: KIT59
  • 1x K3 maintenance kit
Part No: KIT60
  • 1x K5 valve internals set
Part No: KIT61
  • 1x K3 valve internals set
Part No: KIT62
  • 6x suction/delivery valves
Part No: KIT63
  • 6x 90.2770.00 seals
Part No: KIT65
  • 6x 30mm head rings
Part No: KIT66
  • 3x 30mm intermediate rings

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