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Dual Pumps No Deal Brexit Statement - 24/10/18

As the majority of our product lines are imported from Europe we want to assure our customers that we are aware of certain repercussions of a “No Deal Brexit” and we have suitable systems & plans in place to minimise any potential disruption to the supply chain.

Although we already deal with suppliers from all over the world and have purchasing & accounts teams familiar with processing necessary customs paperwork, we still feel it prudent to take certain precautions should we find ourselves in the situation where we have additional tariffs & import duty responsibilities. Below are various steps we have already taken and are ready to implement….

  • Studied and complied with the latest government guidelines for trading with the EU in the event of a No Deal Brexit.
  • Ensured we are registered with the relevant UK and European agencies who would process customs declarations.
  • Confirmed our existing computer systems have the functions to deal with any additional
    tariffs & import duty responsibilities.
  • Checked our staff are familiar with these systems - as already mentioned we use these
    systems every day for non-EU suppliers.
  • Monitoring any Government technical advice on product compliance should there be
    any changes.
  • Sought advice and assurances from our freight operators that they are engaged in
    reasonable forward planning to deal with additional processes and delays.
  • We are looking to increase our stock holding from early 2019 to ensure we have the stock to cushion any potential border hold ups.

We hope that bearing in mind we already deal with non-EU suppliers on a daily basis, we have
taken the above steps and we are continuing to monitor government advice, you are assured
Dual Pumps Ltd is in a good position to minimise any disruption that may occur in 2019. Should
you have any concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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